Why Rutland TurfCare?

  1. We are a LOCAL, Family-Owned Business


  2. We have been in business since 1958-That’s over 60 Years of experience!

  4. We are not a one-size fits all program like the National companies are and we will customize each treatment to the needs of your lawn

  6.  You will have the same technician all season long

  8. We will ALWAYS knock on the door when we get to the property

  10. FREE 48 Hour Service Calls – If ANY issues arise on the lawn like weeds or crabgrass, give us a call and we will be back to your property within 48 Hours to retreat anything free of charge!

  12. We provide a wide array of other services like mowing, pruning, landscape design, irrigation services etc that other “lawn” companies cannot provide
  13. We were voted “Best Landscaping Company” in Worcester County by Worcester Living Magazine

  15. We offer an industry BEST Referral Program! If our customer refers any friends, family neighbors etc, we will put a 100$ Referral credit on their account for EACH Referral!

  17. We offer an environmentally friendly “Hybrid” Organic Program and we ONLY utilize EPA Registered “Low-Risk” Products in this program and it is SAFE for Bees!

  19. Our technicians are incentivized by retention of customers in their route, NOT by how much work they get done in a day. This ensures our technicians take their time and treat your lawn effectively without being held to a daily revenue goal unlike most lawncare companies

  21. Our lawn program is designed specifically for our Northeast lawns and will contain everything your lawn will need to get growing throughout the season

  23. Fast and simple estimate process utilizing Satellite imagery. No Need to wait!
Service Guarantee

Here at Rutland TurfCare, you take no risks and can be assured with our quality of work. One of the ways we do this, is with our Rutland TurfPRO-Mise. This promise to our customers is central to what we do and our level of customer service. At anytime throughout the season, if you see a weed or crabgrass that pops up in between treatments, your technician will be back out to your property within 24-48 hours to retreat anything for you FREE of charge. All it takes is an email or a phone call. At the end of the day, your lawn is our best form of advertisement and it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure you have the best lawn in the neighborhood!

Top of the Line Products

Being a 60 year old family company, the products we use are not the cheapest you can buy on the market. We go for top of the line fertilizer and control products. We incorporate humic acid as well as biostimulants into our products so not only are we feeding the grass itself, but feeding the soil which is of the utmost importance for the health of your turf. Most turf companies unfortunately, feed only the grass itself which leads to stress during tough times of the year as well as surge growth. Fast release nitrogen is actually a detriment to your lawn and weakens the turf overall. ALL of our fertilizers are slow release and steadily and evenly feed the lawn over the season, leading to an overall healthier turf. Come see the Rutland TurfCare difference!

Professional Technicians

All of our technicians are Massachusetts licensed and certified to take care of turf, trees and insects in the state. Not only that, but our philosophy is much different here. Instead of giving our technician’s production goals like the national lawn companies do, our technicians are incentivized by retention in their respective routes. When you only push your technicians to monetary goals, that incentivizes them to cut corners, not fully spray the property as well as decrease the quality of service. By incentivizing our team by customer retention, this ensures that it is in the technicians best interest to take his time and treat the property like his own!

Easy 5 minute Estimate Process

It is amazing how far satellite technology has come over the past 10 years. With these advancements, Rutland TurfCare utilizes the best satellite technology into our sales process. Our Insta-Quote system can get you a price based on the size of your lawn within 2-3 minutes. Not only will we send you an estimate for our service, but will include your personalized satellite imagery for your review! Give us a call TODAY for your personalized Insta-Quote at 508-886-3112!

Environmental Stewardship

Rutland TurfCare takes our commitment to the environment very seriously. Not only do we have a responsibility to our customers, but to the environment as well and this is a fine balance between the two. We have 2 programs that take Mother Nature into consideration including our TurfPRO Hybrid Program as well as our TurfPRO Eco-Friendly program. BOTH of these programs have no adverse effect to bees or other beneficial insects like butterflies. Another benefit of having a fully licensed and educated team, is that we use products only when needed and do not needlessly spray chemicals on lawns. Most applications we provide are “spot” treatments for specific weeds and/or crabgrass. If you have any questions on any of our lawn, tree and shrub or pest programs, please give us a call.

Where Your Lawn is our BEST Form of Advertisement

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Voted Worcester Magazine’s Best Landscaper

Voted Best Landscaper in Worcester by Worcester Magazine, we work every day to earn that reputation!

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