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TurfPRO Traditional Lawn Program

TurfPRO Traditional includes everything your lawn will need from fertilization to weed control to soil amendments for the entire growing season. This program will steadily feed the lawn over a 4-6 week period and continue to take care of invasive weeds

Program Includes:

  • Soil Ph Amendment (Lime)
  • Season Long Preventative Grub Control
  • 6 Slow Release Fertilizations
  • Broadleaf Weed Controls
  • Pre-Emergence for Crabgrass
  • Assigned License Technician
  • FREE 48 Hour Service Calls
  • Rutland TurfPRO-Mise


TurfPRO Hybrid Lawn Program

TurfPRO Hybrid is the best of both worlds. We use all Organic Fertilizers with a focus on soil biology and we will use ONLY EPA Registered “low-risk” controls for weeds and crabgrass. This program also has no adverse effect on bees or other pollinators!

Program Includes:

  • 6 Slow Release Organic Fertilizations
  • All Hybrid Broadleaf Weed Controls
  • All Hybrid Crabgrass Controls
  • 1 Hybrid Preventative Grub Control
  • 1 Lime Application
  • **FREE Service Calls
  • Rutland TurfPRO-Mise


TurfPRO Eco-Friendly Lawn Program

The Official Lawn Program of Mother Nature. This program is based on a focus on soil biology. We utilize all organic inputs including fertilizers as well as beneficial biostimulants and essential soil inoculants

Program Includes:

  • Soil Ph Amendment (Lime)
  • 6 Organic Fertilizations
  • Beneficial Biostimulants
  • Soil Inoculants to help with recovery
  • Rutland TurfPRO-Mise
  • 100% Safe for Pollinators

Rutland TurfPRO-Mise

We will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

Lime Application

Lime is a very important aspect of any lawn care or turf management program in Massachusetts. The pH of your soil is an important factor for maintaining a green, healthy lawn. Lime applications are usually one of the first steps in the Rutland Turf Pro Turf Management Program.

Lime Application Services

Most lawns in MA require lime applications.
Similar to fertilizer products, proper application rates at the proper time of year are an essential part of any turf management program. After a thorough lawn and soil analysis, our turf management specialist will develop a customized program to give you a greener, healthier and thicker lawn.

Lime applications are part of Rutland Turf Pros overall lawn care program.

Preventative Grub Control

TurfPRO Traditional Grub Control

White grubs are the most destructive insect pests of turfgrasses in the U.S. Turf is damaged when the grubs (the larval or immature stages of certain beetles) chew off the grass roots just below the soil surface. The root injury reduces the turf’s ability to take up water and nutrients and withstand the stress of hot, dry weather conditions which typically occur during the mid to late summer months. Our guaranteed grub preventative makes sure to stop these destructive pests in their tracks. This one time application, which is typically applied during your round 3 TurfPRO treatment, guarantees that your lawn will not become an all-you-can-eat buffet for grubs. This treatment is standard with your TurfPRO Traditional lawn program.

TurfPRO Hybrid Grub Control

Heavy white grub infestations can destroy grass roots, causing the affected area to become spongy, which allows the sod to be rolled back like a piece of carpet. Evidence of grub damage, including patches of dead or dying turf, are visible during spring (April and May) and late summer and fall (Late August and September). A good indication of a grub infestation is the presence of skunks, crows, or moles feeding on turf. Our Hybrid Grub Control, which is an EPA registered “low-risk” product called Acelepryn, will prevent these grubs from doing any damage to your turf while simultaneously protecting beneficial insects and wildlife. This treatment is standard with your TurfPRO Hybrid lawn program.

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