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PestPRO Home Defense


PestPRO Home defense

Pest Control – PestPRO Home Defense is designed to keep insects like spiders, ants, earwigs, silverfish out of your home all season. We do this by creating an invisible “halo” around your home by spraying the foundation of your home to your first-floor windows and around the entire house. We focus on cracks, crevices, cellar windows, and other entry points into the home that these pests can use. The best part is no chemicals in your house whatsoever!

Program Includes:

  • 4 Applications
  • Treat the entire foundation of the home
  • Great for invasive insects like ants, spiders, earwigs, pantry pests, silverfish centipedes, etc.
  • No chemicals in the house at all.
  • We also treat the mulch beds around the foundation to keep insects from the Home.
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PestPRO Yard Defense

PestPRO Yard Defense Traditional Tick/Mosquito

PestPRO Yard Defense Traditional for Ticks/Mosquito is designed to protect your family from disease-carrying ticks and mosquito. This program is focused on setting a barrier on the outside perimeter of your property as well as focusing on areas where these pests breed.

Program Includes:

  • 6 Applications done every 4-6 weeks
  • This will include the entire perimeter of property, tick and mosquito “hot-spots” and any areas where the family entertains
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PestPRO Yard Defense Organic Tick/Mosquito

PestPRO Yard Defense Organic for Ticks/Mosquito is designed to control disease-carrying insects organically using all-natural cedar oil. Cedar oil has been used for centuries for insects and is very effecting at not only repelling insects but killing them on contact….with NO chemicals!

Program Includes:

  • 10 Applications Due to the organic nature of the program, we are out every 2-3 weeks through the season
  • 100% Natural Cedar Oil
  • No Effect on bees or other pollinators
  • **FREE Service Calls

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