Insect Control

Insect control for lawns can really vary from property to property- even with in the same neighborhood. Sunlight, types of trees, plants and soil can determine the types of insects that may threaten your lawn.

One important aspect of lawn care here in MA is to monitor the activity of weeds, diseases, and insects regularly. For lawns in MA and throughout the Northeast, monitoring every few weeks throughout the growing season is required as part of a lawn care and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program

Common Types of Insects Commonly Found in MA Lawns

White Grubs
Japanese beetle grubs and their related species (European chafers, Asiatic garden beetles, Oriental beetles) are active in soil during April-May and again from early August through October.
Chinch Bugs
Chinch bugs are small, soft-bodied insects which remain active in the thatchy area just above the crowns of the turf plants. Monitoring should be conducted from mid June through the end of August, and is best left to a professional turf specialist.

Sod Webworms
Sod webworms are caterpillars about an inch in length and feed on the blades of grass. Sod webworms feed at night and are virtually impossible to find during the daytime. Monitoring for sod webworms usually occurs in July and August, and is once again best left to professionals.

Bluegrass Billbugs
Bluegrass billbugs can cause very serious damage to lawns, particularly bluegrass lawns. They can be found sporadically in New England. Damage caused by the Bluegrass Billbug is commonly misdiagnosed as drought stress. Larvae are active from late June through August.Generally only a turf specialist will be able to diagnose and monitor this insect.

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Insect Control for Your Lawn and Yard

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