Hydroseeding is a quick, cost effective method of developing a new lawn or for an existing lawn renovation. A turf mixture of water, fertilizer, grass seed and green colored mulch is sprayed on the entire turf surface. The green appearance of the turf mixture is much more esthetically pleasing during the growth phase and eliminates the unsightly mess associated with straw placement on a traditionally seeded lawn. Germination usually occurs in 3-5 days- much faster than traditional methods!It also allows for a more customized approach to allow for soil type, sunlight and other factors that affect a lawn’s growth. Multiple layers of seed can be sprayed and different grass seed can be used in shady areas or for the “showcase” portion of your property.

Lawn Hydroseeding Services in Massachusetts

Rutland Turf Pros uses only the highest quality certified turf mix. Germination time will depend on factors such as weather, season, irrigation/watering, soil type and sunlight.  Usually grass seedlings will be visible in 5-7 days, but expect a slower growth period during hotter or colder weather.

While only slightly more expensive than traditional dry seeding, you avoid the messy need for straw and the longer growth time from a traditionally grown lawn. Hydroseeding costs less than 25% of the cost of sod and eliminates the risk of sod not “taking.”

Hydroseeding Massachusetts

Advantages of Hydroseeding a Lawn Compared to Traditional Dry Seed

  • faster growth period- seed germinates upon contact with water and grass can come up in as early as 3-5 days.
  • Esthetically more pleasing during the growth phase due to green appearance
  • eliminating need for straw also eliminates weed seeds that are carried in the straw
  • allows for custom spraying of multiple different grass seeds in different areas of your property
  • mulch in turf mix decomposes into humus content. Straw will leach nitrogen levels from your lawn as it decomposes

Advantages of Hydroseeding Over Sod

  • while sod produces a beautiful result, it is the most expensive option
  • usually costs 3-5 times the cost of hydroseeding
  • a hydroseeded turf can be just as esthetically pleasing as sod, without the cost
  • because grass plants are grown right into your own soil with hydroseeding, there is no risk of plants “not taking.” Sod can have soil compatibility issues, causing the appearance of turf that looks like it could be rolled right back up.
  • sod roots are chopped off-resulting in less healthy grass plants
  • sod requires more care
  • if you choose to install sod, it is extremely important to have it installed by an experienced professional

What is in the Hydroseed Mixture?

Water is one of the ingredients in hydro seed mix and acts as a carrier. When the water and seed contact, the growth process gets a “jump start” effect.

Grass Seed
A custom blend of grass seeds are utilized depending on soil types, sunlight and other factors. Specialized seeds for erosion control can also be used on steep embankments and slopes. Athletics fields can also be hydroseeded with a specialized blend of seed for their specific turf needs.

Fertilizer is also included in the turf mix to stimulate root growth.

Hydroseeding mulch is what gives it the green color. Beyond increasing the aesthetics of the lawn during the growth phase, it also protects the seed and seals in moisture.

Other Ingredients
Other products that may be added to a hydroseeding mix are called tackifers that help to retain materials on a slope or in rainy conditions. They also help to retain moisture for better growth. Other additives may be lime based for pH adjustment or water retention additives and growth stimulants.

Choosing the Right Hydroseeding Company

Rutland Turf Pros uses only the finest hydroseeding products and is one of the few distributors of Weyerhauser’s Erosion Control Hydroseeding Product. We service Worcester, Central, and Metro West areas of Massachusetts.

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