Fungicide Applications

Lawn Diseases in Massachusetts are usually caused by organisms that are natural inhabitants of the soil and/or thatch. They can infect the grass plants in the right environmental conditions and if the grass plants become weakened by poor growing conditions such as excess or too little water, poor soil, high temperatures, or too much shade. Use of fungicides (pesticides which kill fungi) is generally not necessary and discouraged for homeowners to apply themselves. Commercial fungicides are effective against specific diseases, must be applied at the correct time, and often must be applied several times to be effective. Fungicide Applications should be left to Professional Turf Specialists. Once again,proper lawn management and care should produce a vigorous turf that will provide effective disease control. Proper lawn fertilization practices, and in particular the timing of the fertilizer applications is very important in disease control and prevention here in MA.

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Factors that Affect Disease Management

  • grass seed species
  • fertilization
  • mowing
  • irrigation
  • thatch control
  • overseeding
  • sunlight control
  • weed control

Fungicide Applications for Disease Control

If a fungicide application is needed, a commercial turf management specialist will first diagnose what type of disease needs to be treated. It generally take more than one fungicide application to rid your lawn of the disease.

Identifying Lawn Disease

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