Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot is an unsightly lawn disease that affects many lawns here in Massachusetts. It is named for it’s silver dollar sized circular white patterns and is typically caused by low nitrogen fertility and low moisture levels. Because this fungus destroys the turf right down to the roots, the destruction it can cause can be significant. It survives during the winter in thatch and in the soil, making this a difficult lawn disease to control. When temperatures reach the 60s, the lawn disease will start growing again. When New England temperatures reach 70 to 90 degrees, the peak of activity and destruction will occur. Lawns not on a quality turf management program that provides the correct blend of fertilizers, or that don’t get properly watered or mowed at the correct heights are most susceptible to dollar spot.

Dollar Spot Prevention and Treatment in Massachusetts

Lawn Fertilization Programs designed by Rutland Turf Pros will manage your nitrogen levels as well as all aspects of customized lawn nutrition program. Proper amounts of fertilizer at the right time of year here in Ma are what make our system such a success for a beautiful, thicker, healthier lawn.

Dollar Spot Prevention

Proper turf treatments of fertilizers and proper irrigation of the soil and lawn will prevent this fungus from occurring.

Treatment of Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

Fungicides can be professionally applied to treat this fungal lawn disease. If you suspect dollar spot on your lawn, give the pros at Rutland Turf Pros a call. We offer a FREE lawn analysis to determine if your lawn has a disease and will formulate a customized program to bring your lawn back to a health.

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