Dandelion Control

Dandelion control can be a frustration for many homeowners. While we all have fond childhood memories of blowing those seeds, what we really were doing was spreading those weeds all over the neighborhood. The common dandelion is a perennial broadleaf with a thick tap root, and is the most common broadleaf weed in lawns, golf courses, athletic fields and other turf grass areas. Dandelions, like other broadleaf weeds can easily choke out your turf plants and prevent your lawn from looking it’s best.

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Dandelion management turf programs MA

Once again, the best defense against dandelions and other other type of weeds in your lawn, is a thick, healthy, strong turf. Early summer is generally the time of year here in Massachusetts when a dandelion management herbicide is applied. Rutland Turf Pros incorporates herbicides for broadleaf weeds that are specific for dandelion control.

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