Crabgrass Management

Crabgrass can be one of the toughest weeds to manage in your lawn here in Massachusetts.  Just when you are starting to enjoy the hot days of summer, these huge mounds of unsightly grass weeds start to take over your lawn. A single crabgrass plant is capable of producing 150-700 tillers and 150,000 seeds! Prevention and management of this grassy weed involves the prevention of re-infestation by seeds. The timing of our crabgrass control products will prevent these weeds from showing up just when you want your lawn looking its best for backyard parties and barbecues.

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Crabgrass Control Services in MA

Crabgrass control and prevention is one of the components of the Rutland Turf Pros Lawn Care Program. Herbicide applications for crabgrass control are applied in the spring before crabgrass seeds start germinating. The best defense against crabgrass or any other type of weed and lawn disease is a stronger, healthier, thicker turf. Utilization of proper mowing height and frequency, fertilization and irrigation are all an important part of a weed control program and should be practiced throughout the growing season. This is why it is best to leave it up to the Pros…Rutland Turf Pros!

Rutland Turf Pros provides Lawncare Services including Lawn Fertilizing Service,Crabgrass Management, Grub Control, Weed Control, Dandelion Control,Fungicide Applications, Herbicide Applications, Insect Control, Moss Control, Clover Management, Dollar Spot, Red Thread Lawn Treatment, Overseeding, and Aeration Worcester, Central and Metro West areas of Massachusetts.

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