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Aeration is one of the most important steps in lawn care. By pulling out small “plugs” of lawn, it opens up the compacted soil, allowing air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots.
The layer of thatch that builds up on your lawn prevents sunlight, water and nutrients from getting to your grass plants. Aerating reduces thatch and softens up the soil allowing for better root growth and development. While fertilizing is most important step to a greener, healthier lawn, proper aeration allows the fertilizer to reach the roots where it is needed.

Aeration Services in Worcester, Central and Metro West areas of MA

Rutland Turf Pros is a professional turf management service located in Massachusetts. Aeration services can be performed as part of an overall lawn care program or as a separate service.

Why aerate your lawn?

Here are just a few reasons why it is such an important step in caring for your lawn.

Reduces Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead grass that builds up on your lawn. A small layer of thatch is very normal, but it it gets too thick it can become a breeding ground for disease and insects. Aeration removes “plugs” of soil and pulls them above the layer of thatch.This will cause the thatch to break down. Regular aeration keeps thatch under control and prevents the need for more extensive turf management procedures.

Reduces Soil Compaction

Compacted or tightly packed soil does not allow air, water and nutrients to reach the grass plants. Aeration allows the soil to expand, creating a “softer” soil. Regular aeration will build a healthier, thicker lawn.

Important Procedure before Seeding a Lawn

If you are going to overseer a lawn, it is very important that the seed make good contact with the soil.Breaking down the thatch and softening the soil will increase grass seed germination. This is an extremely important step before overseeding a lawn. Overseeding creates a thicker turf- resulting in a healthier, disease and drought resistant turf.

Aeration is important whether or not you are seeding a lawn. Turf management specialists across MA and the United States recognize this as one of the best and most important ways to improve and maintain a beautiful lawn.

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