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TurfPRO Lawn Care includes everything your lawn will need from fertilization to weed control to soil amendments for the entire growing season. Find the program that is right for you, from our traditional TurfPRO program, to our Hybrid and Eco-Friendly programs, we have the service that will meet your needs.


TurfPro Traditional Program

TurfPRO Hybrid Program

TurfPRO Eco-Friendly Program

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Rutland HortPRO Landscape Protection

The HortPRO Landscape Protection program is designed to protect the investment you have made in the landscaping around your home. This comprehensive program will give your landscape everything it needs to reach its full potential with vibrant blooms and strong growth. With this program, we continually monitor the landscape and get ahead of any issues before they get out of control and affect the health and appearance of the landscape.

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Rutland PestPRO Yard Defense

The PestPRO service line protects you and the family from disease carrying insects like ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. These insects are known to carry debilitating diseases like west nile virus, lyme disease and EEE just to name a few, and our PestPRO technicians take this very seriously while treating and protecting your property. Whether it is the PestPRO Yard Defense or the PestPRO Home Defense, you can take solace in the fact that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” to quote Ben Franklin. We also fully guarantee this service and will return to retreat if you feel the barrier has been compromised for FREE. This is our Rutland PestPRO-MISE to all of our customers! So let Rutland make your property a NO-FLY ZONE this season!


PestPRO Home Defense

PestPRO Yard Defense Traditional Tick/Mosquito

PestPRO Yard Defense Organic Tick/Mosquito

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Additional Services from Rutland Turf Care

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Compost (Top Dressing)

Deer Repellent & Anti-Dessicant

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Gypsy Moth Treatment

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Rutland Turf Care offers our lawn care programs throughout Central and Metrowest Massachusetts

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