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The turf management specialists at Rutland Turf Care are just one component of our team. With over 50 years in the landscape design & construction industry here in Massachusetts, Rutland Turf Care has the proper training and staff to meet all of your landscaping needs. Family owned and operated since 1957, Rutland Turf Pros has built a reputation for the highest quality lawn care services and award winning design.

Centrally located in New England, the Rutland Turf Care complex is nestled on a 175-acre site in Rutland, Massachusetts. Including business and design offices, poly houses used to store and maintain materials, greenhouses, garages and work areas, this complex gives us the ability to respond immediately to any customer’s needs.

Landscape Architect Carl Besse started a modest landscape business in 1958. Since that time, Rutland Turf Care has grown considerably providing professional service to several thousand commercial and industrial customers throughout New England. Today, Rutland Turf Care is one of the largest and most respected landscape construction and maintenance businesses in New England. Rutland Turf Care offers full landscape design, construction and maintenance services.


Landscaping Services

Beginning with the work of a professional landscape architect, we can complement your building design with a complete landscape plan. Paying particular attention to land grading and drainage needs, Rutland Turf Care can develop a complete design including plantings and underground irrigation systems. Once the landscape design is complete, we can transform those plans into reality in landscaping services.


After the work is completed, Rutland Turf Care doesn’t just walk away.
Offering a complete landscape maintenance program, we begin early in the spring and handle every detail well into the winter. The end result is a facility whose beauty is greatly enhanced. Customers, as well as employees, will appreciate the difference. Since 1958, Rutland Turf Care has worked hard to develop a reputation for excellence. By paying attention to every detail it can add value to any landscaping investment.

The 75 employees of Rutland Turf Care take their jobs very seriously. Boasting degrees in horticulture and landscape architecture, these professionals have the technical skill, training, and experience that set them apart. Staff is assigned to a job on a continuous basis, whenever possible. Fostering a special sense of pride in each job, this staffing technique provides a customer with the comfort of knowing that the personnel assigned to their job has an on-going understanding of their unique circumstances.

Address Detail

Rutland Turf Care, Inc.‎
82 Emerald Road
Rutland, MA 01543
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Toll Free : 1-800-540-5678
Local : 508-886-2982

Wellesley Location:
396 Washington Street, Ste. 311
Wellesley, MA 02481-6209

Toll Free: 1-800-540-5678
Local: 781-237-1122



Voted Worcester Magazine’s Best Landscaper

Voted Best Landscaper in Worcester by Worcester Magazine, we work every day to earn that reputation!

Lawn nutrition is just one part of the overall needs of a beautiful lawn and landscape. Our lawn fertilization and lawn care.